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Library Analyzer

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Analysis of Python libraries and code that uses them.


You can find the full documentation here.


Get the latest version from PyPI:

pip install library-analyzer

Example usage

  1. Analyze the API of a library:
    analyze-library api -p sklearn -o out
  2. Analyze client code of a library:
    analyze-library usages -p sklearn -c "Kaggle Kernels" -o out
  3. Generate annotations for the library:
    analyze-library annotations -a data/api/sklearn__api.json -u data/usages/sklearn__usage_counts.json -o out/annotations.json
  4. Migrate annotations for a new version of the library:
    analyze-library migrate -a1 data/api/scikit-learn_v0.24.2_api.json -a2 data/api/sklearn__apiv2.json -a data/annotations/annotations.json -o out